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Born In Texas.

About Beth Bain Hospitality Groupe

An eye for detail. A Passion for excellence. ​No Excuses. No Compromises.

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From the very beginning stages, it’s been our desire to refresh people’s lives and allow them to take a much needed rest from tasks that can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

When choosing Beth Bain Hospitality Groupe, you are not only getting a white glove cleaning service, but you are getting a unique experience that allows you to simply rest knowing that your home/space is completely clean and safe for you, your team, and your loved ones (including those fuzzy ones!)

Unlike many cleaning companies, who charge hourly prices (which can quickly add up), we set flat rate prices by the project that you bring us, which allows our team to take their time to do the job right the first time! 

Hi! I'm Gloria!

Everyone deserves to have a clean and organized environment.  We strive to deliver solutions with no compromises, that has a positive physical & mental impact on your life, without sacrificing on quality.  We're not the cheapest service, because we aim to be the best.

Gloria Woods, CEO / Founder, Beth Bain Hospitality Groupe

Our Values

We have specially designed our services with regard to any accessibility features needed. 

We have advanced technology and strict policies in place to protect our customer data. 

We're making every effort to create a culture of diversity and inclusion while prioritizing a safe, respectful, and supportive workplace for our clients and our team!


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